Java (incl. Tomcat, JSP, Servlets) on devweb #

For general devweb documentation, see the main devweb page.

Accessing your Java container URL will create an example servlet called at ~/DEVWEB/2023/userlets/WEB-INF/classes/hello.class, which will be accessible at

Note: whenever you add new servlets to your DEVWEB directory you need to update your ~/DEVWEB/2023/userlets/WEB-INF/web.xml to reflect this.

Tomcat 9 with HTML and JSP #

Any HTML or JSP file can be placed in ~/DEVWEB/2023/userlets directory and can be accessed with the URL:

Troubleshooting Tomcat 9 #

You can access the Tomcat manager, documentation and examples by visiting the URL

NOTE: The username for the Tomcat manager is "tomcat" and your password is in your ~/DEVWEB/2023/.config/tomcat9/tomcat-users.xml file.

You can examine logs from the Tomcat server here: ~/DEVWEB/2023/.logs/tomcat9/

Tomcat 9 and deploying WAR files #

You can upload WAR files to Tomcat using the manager app at

The maximum WAR file size is 500MB.