MySQL on devweb #

For access to MySQL on devweb, please see the guidance on Requesting Access.

If you have requested MySQL access, you'll be given a database with the same name as your university DS username (e.g. xxy12345). You can connect from Linux (Cafe, Linux lab machines or CPU nodes - see Remote Compute) by running mysql -p -h $database (where $database is your DS username).

On Windows lab machines, you can use the Putty SSH client to connect to cafe; you can find a shortcut to cafe (using Putty) on the desktop, labelled SSH Cafe.

Alternatively, you can use the phpMyAdmin web interface to MySQL. Please note you need to use your MySQL password to login to phpMyAdmin, not your university DS password.

Changing your password #

You can change your password using using the following SQL statement (at the mysql prompt, replacing $username with your MySQL username):

ALTER USER $username IDENTIFIED BY 'newpassword';

Accessing MySQL from home / off-campus #

In order to access MySQL off-campus, you need to tunnel your connection via cafe (ssh) as follows (replacing $username with your DS username):

ssh -L $

You'll then by able to connect your local MySQL client or app to localhost:3306, which will be tunnelled to devweb2023 via cafe.

See Remote compute for more details.