PostgreSQL on devweb #

For access to PostgreSQL on devweb, please see the guidance on Requesting Access.

If you have requested PostgreSQL access, you'll be given a database with the same name as your university DS username (e.g. xxy12345). You can connect from Linux (Cafe, Linux lab machines or CPU nodes - see Remote Compute) by running psql -U $username -h $database (where both $username and $database is your DS username).

On Windows lab machines, you can use the Putty SSH client to connect to cafe; you can find a shortcut to cafe (using Putty) on the desktop, labelled SSH Cafe.

Changing your password #

You can change your password using using the following SQL statement (at the psql prompt, replacing $username with your PostgreSQL username):

ALTER USER $username WITH PASSWORD 'newpassword';

Accessing PostgreSQL from home / off-campus #

In order to access PostgreSQL off-campus, you need to tunnel your connection via cafe (ssh) as follows (replacing $username with your DS username):

ssh -L $

You'll then by able to connect your local Postgres client or app to localhost:5432, which will be tunnelled to devweb2023 via cafe.

See Remote compute for more details.