Getting Help #

If you're having technical issues, we're here to help!

For most technical queries, you should email

In the first instance, we encourage you to check any relevant documentation. While we try to be as responsive as possible, your problem may be more common than you think and it might be quicker to check the manual/documentation or have a look online for common solutions.

If reading the documentation doesn't solve your problem, then please email the relevant team below with as much detail as possible. Including the following details in your request will help us greatly to find a solution for you:

Departmental IT systems #

For help with any CIS departmental IT systems, please email

We try to respond (at least with an acknowledgement) as quickly as possible.

Your email will generate a ticket in our ticketing system to help us track and manage your request. Please make sure our address is in the To: field in your email (not CC:), otherwise a ticket may not be raised and we might not see your request.

Always raise a new ticket for any new issue - replying to old tickets causes them to be reopened and automatically reassigned to the last team member who helped with the ticket, who may be on leave or otherwise unavailable. Sending a fresh email guarantees it will triaged by the team as soon as possible.

Central IT resources #

There are some IT systems which are administered at a central university IT level (to which CIS IT Support do not have access). While we may be able to give general advice on these systems, in some instances we recommend contacting the central helpdesk directly for a quicker resolution.

For issues with systems like ...

... please email the central helpdesk at