Request Access To CIS Systems #

CIS users #

To request access to CIS systems like devweb (databases), please email

For access to shared mailboxes, please contact the mailbox sponsor and ask them to raise a request with us on your behalf.

Full class access #

For teaching staff who intend for their students to use resources like MySQL or Gitlab, please contact us in advance at to request that we bulk create accounts for all the users of a given class (e.g. CS101). This helps us avoid a deluge of individual access requests (which can, for some classes, number in the hundreds and take considerable resources to action and acknowledge).

Non-CIS users #

Requests for access to CIS systems by non-CIS users should be raised via your CIS contact (e.g. partner, supervisor) in the first instance.

Gitlab (Faculty of Science) #

For Gitlab access requests, CIS and other Faculty of Science users should email directly. Non-Science users (external collaborators, researchers from other faculties) should contact their Science partner/sponsor and ask them to place a request with us on your behalf.