CIS Computer Labs #

There are four computer labs in the department:

You can check the availability of lab computers here.

Computer Specifications #

Lab Qty CPU RAM Storage Purchased
Arrol 60 Intel Core i5-12500 16GB 512GB NVMe Aug 2023
Kelvin 60 Intel Core i5-10500 16GB 512GB NVMe May 2021
Muir 30 Intel Core i5-12500 16GB 512GB NVMe Sep 2022
Telford 25 Intel Core i5-12500 16GB 512GB NVMe Sep 2022

All lab computers are dual boot Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish.

Printing and Scanning #

Students #

To print from lab computers, please choose the A4_B&W or A4_Colour print queue (depending on whether you need colour or monochrome prints). You'll then be able collect your print from the Ricoh MFD (multi-function device) outside the 11th floor (LT1105) labs or from any other Ricoh MFD in central IT Services labs.

We would encourage you to use duplex (double-sided) printing where possible as this saves paper.

For more information, please see the IT Services documentation on printing.

The Ricoh MFDs can also be used for scanning, and will deliver scanned documents to your university email account.

Staff and PGRs #

Staff and PhD students should choose the SCI-CIS print queue (and set colour/mono in the print settings dialog), and can pick their printouts up at the printers detailed on the printing page.

Lab Computer FAQ #

Can I lock my screen while I go for lunch or to a lecture? #

No - the "lock screen" facility on departmental computers must only be used when you taking short comfort breaks. The labs can get busy at peak times, and locking your screen for long periods of time is unfair to other students who need to use the lab computers. If you need to take a longer break, please save your work then log out.

Can I connect to the lab computers remotely? #

No, but we do have a number of remotely accessible compute nodes which can be accessed via Guacamole or SSH.

How do I check my print quota? #

Students: please see the IT Services printing documentation for details on how to check your quota.

How much does printing cost? #

Students: please see the IT Services printing documentation for details on print pricing.

How do I print from my own device (laptop)? #

Students: please see the IT Services printing documentation for details on printing from your own device.

How do I use Anaconda Python on lab machines? #

Under Windows, creating environments with the conda command may result in an elevated command prompt request (which regular staff/student accounts cannot authorise). This happens because Anaconda tries to create Start Menu entries for new environments after creation.

If you require Anaconda itself to be included in the environment then you should pass the anaconda=custom parameter when running conda create; this ensures that a whole new set of anaconda files won't be downloaded (which can typically be 3GB+), e.g.

conda create --name E:\cistest tensorflow python=3.10  anaconda=custom